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Why our Simcard?

best network coverage

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1. order your sim card

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what our customers say

I highly recommend this SIM card for those traveling to Korea. It is as easy as 1-2-3 and automatically activates on the day you choose. I was able to utilize mobile data and make calls as soon as I got off the plane!


– Chris S.

Been super handy to have a Korean phone number while in Korea. I just specified which date I wanted it activated on the homepage and everything worked when I landed in Seoul. In addition, the data has been flawless and fast. Most importantly though, every time I had a question or inquiry and contacted customer support, they have been quick at answering me, so I felt in totally safe hands.


– Morten S.

It’s the cheapest way to obtain the Korea usim chip in US. It works very good.


– Neal P.